Are you a busy professional or parent who is on their laptop and phone a lot and or holding babies for prolonged periods of time?

Are you overdoing it in the gym?

Upper back pain is often connected to neck and shoulder pain as well and usually manifests itself as a knot under the scapula. The niggle is often a burning sensation which can ache when you are turning in bed and the pain radiates into your shoulder.

This type of pain is ‘tension pain’ is most often  caused by holding your arm/neck/shoulder in unnatural positions for prolonged periods. For example, stooped over a laptop.

According to metaphysical author, Louise Hay, the upper back is connected to how ‘emotionally supported’ we feel. Questions to ask yourself. Do you give emotional support to others and/or  yourself through self- talk? Do you feel responsible for situations and /or others?


I have a developed a system to very quickly eliminate the pain and help you to become more mindful of how you are creating this pain and prevent it reoccurring.

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